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          Student accommodation

          We have three accommodation sites for undergraduate and graduate students around the city centre ranging from characterful rooms in 14th-century buildings on 中央站点 to modern en-suite room in WYNG 花园, opened in 2016.

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          三位一体大厅 togeTHer

          We recognise the many ways 三位一体大厅 students, staff, Fellows and alumni are helping the community during the COVID-19 outbreak. We have gathered some of their stories to share with you.

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          Browse our courses to discover more about the subjects available, how you will learn and entry requirements.

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          三位一体大厅 is home to a friendly community of undergraduate and graduate students, tucked away on a beautiful riverside site by the city centre. It is one of the oldest 学院s of 剑桥 University, founded in 1350.

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